Friday, January 27, 2017


Research Conversations kicked off the year 2017 with the discussion of Saliksik, one of the flagship programs of UP Open University. Dr. Melinda F. Lumanta, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, served as the lead discussant of the conversation. She detailed how the Saliksik team plans to improve the University’s research productivity and impact as well as provide significant contribution to research and innovation in priority social development fields by the year 2019.

Saliksik has laid out four strategic goals which all aim to provide support to faculty members and researchers in producing quality research. These are the: ODeL State of the Art Project, Research Publication Project, Research Preparation Support Project, and Analytical Tools Support Project.

The first project, ODeL State of the Art Project, aims to use the weekly Research Conversations as venue to produce state of the art papers through a system of identifying research interest groups with lead researchers to prepare a research-based paper on aspects of ODeL. For the Research Publication Project, the objective is identify and list the high-impact journals and conferences where faculty and staff can submit their research papers. In addition to this, the process from application of grants to disseminating results would be more streamlined and awards are planned to be given to those who publish in journals that are indexed by Scopus, WoS, and the like. For the Research Preparation Support Project, OVCAA will be holding writeshops for authors of ongoing research to provide needed assistance in having their papers published in reputable journals. Lastly, for the Analytical Tools Support Project, the aim is to further equip UPOU’s faculty and staff in their research efforts by providing useful research software such as SPSS, EndNote, Plagiarism Checker, GIS, UCINET, and Envivo. Statistical clinics will also be established and learning materials for statistical analyses will be created.

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